August 5, 2011

Photo Friday - Belgium

Brussels, Belgium

This week's photo comes from my travels to Brussels. I actually visited the city twice while in Europe (it's not that exciting a place, that was just the luck of the draw), and this picture is from my second visit - when the sun was actually shining, and I didn't get insanely lost. I love how the buildings almost look rounded on the edges as they go around the corner. The distinguished photographer I like to think resides somewhere inside me desperately yearns for a panoramic lens to really play it up, but a girl's gotta work with what she's got at her disposal. I also love that I managed to sneakily capture my friend Jackie as she popped a squat to check out the fountain.

1 comment:

  1. How gorgeous are these buildings?! Architecture is like sugar to me. Not that I'd ever eat a building.. unless it's a gingerbread house. This is so beautiful and like you said, the near-rounding amps up the loveliness. (So many arches! I have a thing for arches.)

    I hope you get a wide-angle lens sooner than soon. Until then, you could always go the stitching route as 'faux' panoramas. Not quite the same obviously, but a quick-fix until funds provide your wishes. :o) (Hi Jackie!)

    Hugs, blessings, and sparkles!