January 27, 2012

The Year Ahead

Hello travel bugs! I now it's been ages and there really is no excuse for not updating, but I have been extraordinarily busy. I promise a post all about my crazy New Year's experiences in NYC is coming soon now that I've finished my grad apps and can focus on what's coming up. January was my last month to get things sorted out, because starting in February my calendar is practically booked solid with fun travels through the end of April. Here's a sneak peek:

February 3-5: Weekend in Connecticut with friends to celebrate several birthdays (including mine!)
February 17-19: THON at Penn State (AMAZING experience! If you don't know about THON, go to thon.org to learn more.)
March 11-22: Europe! Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague here I come!
April 6-9: Easter weekend with friends in Boston
April 23-28: Vacation with friends in Puerto Rico!

There are a few more tentative trips on the horizon depending on schedules and what happens with my grad apps, but I think these should keep me pretty busy in the meantime. Hope you all had good holidays and have some fun plans on your calendars!

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