May 27, 2011

Photo Friday - Sunrise in Ireland

Sunrise on a street in Kilkenny, Ireland

I've decided to make every Friday, "Photo Friday." (Foto Friday? Photo Phriday? I'll work on it.) Most pictures will be of my own creation or from my own travels, unless I find a really stellar picture that deserves to be shared. I'll provide a brief caption as well for clarification - and because I just can't help myself. I love to talk!

So, this week's photo comes from Ireland, where I studied abroad for the spring semester of my junior year. The first weekend I was there, when I was still getting the lay of the land, I took a trip to Kilkenny, a small town in southern Ireland. It rained the entire time (rain? in Ireland? shocking, I know), to the point that I was concerned I'd never see the sun again and my socks were doomed to be wet for the entire five months I was over there. But then I woke up on the final day there and was greeted with this beautiful sunrise, which I captured as proof that the sun can, in fact, shine in Ireland. Plus it was pretty.

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  1. *dreamy sigh* I love this picture, Sweets. Love how the sun is peeking around the corner, encouraging you to walk a little further along this charming street to meet it. Perfect! :o)

    Love this feature! :o)